At WICK, we're developing a distinct range of fragrances inspired by some of the most nostalgic moments in sports. We believe that smell is the next frontier in elevating the fan experience. Smell has the power to take fans back to a cherished memory in sports that sparked their team loyalty, the witnessing of a championship or even a tradition that they want to relive on a daily basis like the azaleas at the masters. We believe that sport-inspired fragrances has the power to elevate fandom.

Here are our top 4 sport-inspired fragrances live on our site and available for team use in through our Home Field Program. 

NO. 1 WINNING smells like winning. An elevated fragrance that captures the moments after euphoria. With a top note of champagne teakwood and a bottom note of purple tobacco suede, it’s perfectly topped off with subtle sandalwood that perfectly captures the spirit of confetti. The unofficial smell of every championship.

Notes: Champagne Teakwood, Sandalwood, Purple Tobacco Suede

NO. 18 SAND TRAP smells like the tee box on an ocean course during the perfect spring day. Refreshing, optimistic and calming - all while turning an ordinary experience into a future moment of nostalgia. First off the nose is a light and airy moss with a sandalwood caddie followed up with a dash of spring vanilla and a drive of fresh blades of patchouli. The unofficial smell of golf.

Notes: Light Moss, Sandalwood, Vanilla & Patchouli

NO. 9 CLUB HOUSE smells like what a newly remodeled and club house on the tour should smell like. Decadent yet warm, elevated yet welcoming - modern yet classic. This is the fragrance that every fan cave, film room, coaches office should smell like. The rich heritage of mahogany mixed with the comfort of leather and rosemary sage really turns a normal room into a thriving trophy case. The unofficial smell of Title Town. 

Notes: Mahogany, Leather Moss, Rosemary Sage

NO. 17 WINTER CLASSIC smells like basketball on Christmas day or what a tailgate at the North Pole might oughta smell like. True and memorable notes of the holiday season with a bit of refinement. As the Bayberry Pine adds a modern twist to the classic, the fresh mistletoe and spice blend really takes the spirit of cozy to new heights. The unofficial smell of sports on Christmas day.

Notes: Bayberry Pine, Fresh Mistletoe, Cinnamon & Spice


Are you a sports team that has a notable "smell" your fans love? Let WICK turn it into a fragrance that your fans all over the world can experience. 

Written by Adrian Curiel