Being recently married, in their new home, Hannah, Adrian’s wife, wanted their home in Charleston to smell more like her level of cozy rather than a guy’s place, so candles were (are still to this day) everywhere. Then, on May 1, one candle caught his eye in particular. He saw this candle that had a really simple label that read “29 Pelican” - immediately he started saying football plays out loud. “29 Pelican - Red 7 - Razor 82 .. readyyyyy. setttt… HIKE.”

Light bulb… He thought, what if there were football plays on a candle? What if there was a candle that had sports messaging & graphics on it? What would a candle filled with team spirit smell like? What would that all look like?  So naturally, being a designer, he mocked up some concepts and immediately knew he found that niche he was looking for. Modern candles for sports fans.

With concept in hand, idea drawn out, one person came to mind who would make the perfect partner. Someone who had a sports background, business experience and a trusted friend. Kyle Negrete. Kyle played football at USC, worked in finance in New York, (where the two met) and is now leading book deals for pro athletes in Austin, TX . They like to joke about how they’ve been hitting home-runs for other people and they were now going to try to hit one for themselves, together. Kyle immediately saw the vision and jumped right in. "Let's bring home the game."

What’s amazing about wanting to start a candle company in America is that they went into production just six days later and founded WICK - THE HOTTEST THING IN SPORTS. What started out as creating a sports candle has led them to building a modern lifestyle brand with a focus on sport.

Written by Adrian Curiel